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  • 25th June 2018: With respect to unfortunate event occured on 25th June 2018 regarding the cave-in of the road between the property of Dosti Realty Ltd. and Wadala Heights Co-operative Housing Society Limited, at Antop Hill Wadala, we state that the same has happened on account of heavy rains last night and due to said cave-in some cars parked on the said road have got damaged. Upon the occurrence of the above mentioned incident, as the matter is sub-judice, we immediately requested the Hon’ble Court to direct the Court Commissioner Mr. Shantilal Jain to visit the site and give his interim report and suggest the remedial measures. The Court Commissioner has today visited the site, suggested some interim remedial measures and have interalia confirmed that as society building is resting on pile foundation, this event of caving in is not going to affect structural stability of society building. We have already started to work on the remedial measures suggested by the Court Commissioner. We also respond to some of the media reports that there was purported casualty on account of the said Road caving in. Negating all such reports, we state that there is no casualty or even any injury caused to any one due to the caving in of the Road and all the rumours in media/what’s app are false and fabricated and are being circulated with the view to tarnish the image of Dosti Realty Limited.
  • 26th June 2018: “We are carrying out the remedial measures as suggested by the Court Commissioner Mr. Shantilal Jain and accordingly the work of backfilling and concretization at the caved in portion is going on under the supervision of our consultants and engineers. There are pictures and videos being circulated in some media and on what’s app that there is another land slide at the same site today at 3.45 pm which is not true. On account of natural slop and gravity, certain amount of backfilling is resettling which is normal and part of the process. Since the matter is sub-judice we would refrain from commenting any further.”
  • 28th June: We deny all the allegations. All the necessary safety measures and steps as advised by our consultants and experts have been taken by us. Since the matter is subjudice, we would like to refrain from commenting any further.

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