Dosti Friends For Life

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At Dosti Realty, we welcome you with open arms to join our growing family and become one with the city's most successful developers of affordable luxury homes.


With a friend like Dosti Realty, home-seekers no longer have to be on the lookout to fullfil their aspirations. With an aim to bring you one step closer to your dream home, here's presenting beautiful luxury homes for all budgets and preferences.

Our Vision

To bring more luxuries into the category of ‘affordability’, giving our customers the chance to lead lavish lifestyles at reasonable prices.

Our Mission

To sustain the ethos of the organisation by celebrating the true spirit of friendship through the development of environmentally friendly futuristic residential as well as commercial projects that transform lifestyles and create long-lasting relationships with all our customers as well as stakeholders.



The logo symbolises Dosti Realty's core values and beliefs. The handshake and the word 'Dosti' connote trust and friendship forever, reflecting the group's commitment and a heritage that is over 30 years old.


We imbibe utmost honesty in all our employees, giving them absolute freedom to think creatively and perform exceptionally.


Ever since its inception, the group has staunchly maintained its impeccable record of creating 'Dosti Homes', which are nothing less than the highest quality.


All our transactions are based on transparency, whether they involve land owners, investors, suppliers, contractors or customers. Trust with transparency has always been a guiding principle of Dosti Realty.


With innovative technology and avant-garde interior designs, we are able to develop stylish, modern projects at a rapid pace.


Building with responsibility towards the environment without disturbing the ecological balance and ensuring vast green spaces around every project is the hallmark of a Dosti Realty creation.



Simple, striking and memorable, the Dosti Realty logo symbolises it core values and beliefs. The Dosti Realty logo is a modernized version of the Handshake built within the Dosti Logo. The Alphabet ‘O’ in the new logo has been designed in the form of a handshake symbol which signifies the never-ending commitment of Dosti Realty’s friendship with its customers, stakeholders, vendors, and employees. This is further accentuated with minimalistic typography “DOSTI” which denotes ‘FRIENDSHIP’. Dosti Realty goes beyond the concept of developing land to spreading the spirit of friendship and building new relationships with every new project.

The ‘RED’ conveys passion, excitement and boldness which reflects our commitment to innovate and push the boundaries in the projects we deliver across segments. The ‘BLACK AND WHITE’ has been used to convey a sense of simplicity and balance. The group does extensive research and planning to ensure that existing residents or the environment is not disturbed. Besides this, it helps to have a control on time management.

The tag line of “Friends for Life” reaffirms the Dosti Realty philosophy of building new relationships and trust through each new project. This is the ideology of the brand which has set Dosti Realty apart for the past 3 decades.

Let’s become Friends For Life

Home is where the heart is and it is also the place where you spend most of your day and life. The joy of coming back home to Dosti Realty, to your family and like-minded neighbours is a feeling worth cherishing. Dosti Realty brings people together, creates better experiences and communities and commits to staying by your side all along,

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