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Dosti Inner Circle (DIC) is an endeavor of Dosti Realty aimed at enhancing the social bonding between Dosti
Home Owners and Tenants. Besides moments of togetherness, Dosti Inner Circle also offers some fabulous
advantages. Dosti Realty also organizes various programs and activities during the course of the year that a
DIC member can be a part of like sports league tournament, festive celebrations, movie screenings etc.

Dosti Sports League Tournament - Dosti Realty


Dosti Blue circle (DBC) is an Initiative of Dosti Realty to extend the hand of friendship further to their esteemed network of channel partners who contribute to the growth of the company. It is a platform that allows one to avail benefits over and above the regular brokerage value. Dosti Blue Circle members will receive prior intimation on new launches, special brokerage offers from time to time, rewards for milestones achieved and support in terms collaterals required for marketing Dosti Realty Projects.

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