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Activity At Village Tara

As Gandhi once said, any education which is not useful for the society, is useless.

We are proud that last 3 years we have been imparting skill training at Kaushalya Ghar (Tara, Panvel) which has not only made the rural youth self independent but these very youth are now contributing positively during the most difficult times faced by the entire country.

Our girls and women from the tailoring department have taken up the task to make more than 5000 mask and surgical aprons during this corona pandemic. These r going to be donate to the medical staff working in villages as well as to be distributed in various Adivasi vadis. They are reusable, washable, durable cloth mask which makes it environment friendly as well as economical for the user. This entire project is being managed by Dosti CSR along with Yusuf Meherally Centre who is involved in relief work on a big scale in pen panvel area.

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