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Care, Education and Upliftment of Labourers at Sites

From 2013-2016, Dosti Realty tied up with the Mumbai Mobile Creche who not only took care of the labourer’s children during the time they are working but also facilitated learning lessons besides providing care facilities to ensure that these children have a safe, happy and healthy childhood. They also organised camps and activities for children to engage in every month, over and above the regular activities.

In 2017 Mumbai Mobile Creches created a CORP program for our Balkum site to cater to the children who reside in the labour camp. The team runs a daycare centre along with tuition classes for school going children and also various initiatives like health camp, art, and craft classes, School enrolment, a creation of PAN and Aadhar card, Bank act etc. The whole objective is to reach out to the children and the community as much as possible and link them to services. This new initiative has enhanced a positive environment and attitude within the labours.

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