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Carnival for Site Labourers’ Children of Various Thane Developers (June 2016)

On Sunday 12th Jun 2016, real estate developers with sites in Thane joined hands to participate in ‘The Thane Moonsoon Relay’. Created to express their gratitude for all the hard work put in by the labours and to bring a fun element to the lives of the children who often also live at these sites, this event truly depicted the harsher yet softer side to real estate. The brainchild of this event was Ms. Shraddha Goradia, who was moved by the happy spirit of the children who she interacted with at one of the Dosti sites. The event which saw a footfall of around 300 children had activities for all age groups to participate from Puppet Shows to Musical Performances, Merry-go-Rounds to Game stalls, Air castles and much more.

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