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SHIAMAK™ is one of the most respected international brands in the arena of dance training, epitomising dance and promoting dance education on the global pedestal. SHIAMAK has been imparting dance education for close to three decades and is growing from strength to strength, teaching dance to people of all age groups and from every walk of life with their motto, “Have Feet. Will Dance”. Helmed by National Award winning choreographer, singer & performer – Shiamak Davar, the institute now has presence in 5 countries across 3 continents, educating and empowering thousands of individuals every year. SHIAMAK dance classes are open to anyone and everyone, starting from the age of 2 years and going up to 84 years. Their programs include Dance For Toddlers, SHIAMAK Summer / Winter Funk, Advanced Training Batch (ATB) – The Advanced Training Batch and Samplers/Workshops.
Residents will be able to enroll at Shiamak Davar’s Institute for Performing Arts on payment of applicable fee and once the classes commence.


Ajivasan has been spreading the message of Hindustani Classical Music to thousands of students for 86 years.It has been Ajivasan’s continuous endeavor to educate and spread Hindustani Music, Culture & Art across society. The students had the opportunity to perform with the master himself on several occasions. Ajivasan offers varied Music Appreciation Courses for children, adults, and youth. Ajivasan aims at spreading music education with practical and scientific methods that widen an Individual’s ability to use his/her potential to 100%. These classes will be conducted in Dosti West County for Indian and Western Vocal and Instruments training.
Residents will be able to avail this facility on payment of applicable fee and once the classes commence.


At EuroSchool, all initiatives and energies are focused on fostering a schooling ecosystem that delivers the joy of learning to
every child through highly trained teachers. Their balanced schooling philosophy and use of innovative teaching methods
enable every child to become the best version of themselves. They follow an approach where children are encouraged to
acquire knowledge through their own experiences, allowing them to realise their strengths and making them self-reective
learners. The institution is built on the fundamentals that great quality teaching shapes the right characteristics in a child.
Highly motivated teachers follow a personalized approach to help realise each child’s goals and true potential and work hard to
create a great schooling experience. EuroSchool is also the rst school to get a safe school certication from a global audit rm,
Bureau Veritas. Their student centric learning practices include: National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 powered curriculum, a
personalized learning enabled digital learning ecosystem (ARGUS), a specially designed teacher training program for enhancing
the skills of their highly passionate teachers and EuroBridge, a preparatory course for toddlers for the new academic year.
EuroSchool will be located at Dosti West County in Balkum, Thane (W).

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